GREŞIT: “There were many strangers at the hotel. It was great to meet so many new people.”
Strangers = people you have never met, seen or talked to. To call someone a stranger is not particularly friendly. (necunoscut, străin)
Strangers sau Foreigners
1. Call the police! There’s a stranger walking around in our garden!
2. Schoolchildren will be warned of the dangers of chatting to strangers online.

Foreigners = people from other countries (persoane din altă țară)

1. Nowadays, an increasing number of foreigners are coming to live in Ireland.
2. She married a gorgeous foreigner last year.

ATENŢIE: Cuvântul “foreign” are sensul de complet necunoscut, cineva din afară, așa că trebuie folosit cu atenție, pentru că poate părea prea rece. Dacă ai dubii, ai putea folosi “people from different countries”.

Are there many foreigners in your city?